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  • Steven Kent"The Ultimate History of Video Games: from Pong to Pokemon and beyond...."
  • Mark J.P. Wolf "The Video Game Explosion:A History from PONG to Playstation and Beyond"
  • Mark J.P. Wolf "The Video Game Theory Reader 2"
  • Ian Bogost "Unit Operation"
  • Ian Bogost "Persuasive Games"
  • Ian Bogost "Racing the Beam"
  • Nicketas "How to Fund Your Independent Game Project"(こんな本あったのか…)
  • Clinton Keith "Agile Game Development with Scrum"
  • Jesse Schell "The Art of Game Design"
  • Ian Millington "Artificial Intelligence for Games"
  • T.L.Taylor "Play Between Worlds : Exploring Online Game Culture"
  • Chris Crawford "Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling"
  • Carolyn Handler Miller "Digital Storytelling : A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment"
  • Kobold Guide to Game Design シリーズ
  • Emest Adams "Fundamentals of Game Design"
  • Jacob Habgood etc.. "The Game Maker's Apprentice"
  • Gregory Trefry "Casual Game Design"
  • Chroma Coders "Build A Social Game in 3 Days"
  • Steven Hoffman "Game Desingn Workshop"
  • James Newman "Playing with Videogames"
  • James Newman "Videogames"
  • Brent Rabowsky "Interactive Entertainment: A Videogame Industry Guide"
  • Mia Consalvo "Cheating"
  • Jose P.Zagal "Ludoliteracy : Defining, Understanding and Supporting Games Education"
  • 他、ゲーム開発の指南本が100冊以上はある?か。

 ホイジンガとか、カイヨワとかの古典がなかった。あと、Rules of Playも、Half Realもない。